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With our wide variety of programs, we strive to help the community meet the basic needs in times of emergency or crisis.

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About Us

Opportunities, Inc. seeks to remove obstacles and solve
problems which inhibit the ability of low income families to attain self-sufficiency. Utilizing funds, from the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG), Opportunities, Inc. is able to provide a range of services and activities to impact upon the problems of poverty.

Food Pantry
With two locations in Northern Oklahoma, the Opportunities, Inc. Emergency Food Pantries operate on donations given from community sources and help during times of crisis or emergency.
Opportunities, Inc. has three housing developments in Northern Oklahoma that the public can rent based of certain income requirements and guidelines.

Outreach Programs
With four locations in Northwest Oklahoma our outreach centers offer a variety of different programs that are used to enhance the stability and livelihood of the poverty stricken families and individuals in the surrounding areas.

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